Sprinkles Bath Time

When I introduced Sprinkles in my Creature Feature post a while back, I mentioned that she loves being bathed.  I wanted to take a moment and elaborate on that by sharing some photos I took the other day.  I went to start a bath for myself and as soon as I turned on the water, Sprinkles just jumped right into the tub!  This was the first time she did it, and I'm sure there will be more.  She very much enjoyed herself!

I let it fill up to the point that it was right at her belly and then I turned it off. Brando peeked over the edge to watch her. She didn't get out until I got in and put her out...otherwise she would have just stayed and played. What a silly kitty!


  1. Aww. That's so adorable! My cat Lumpi likes water too. He always sits in the sink and wants me to turn on the water.

    1. Haha that's so neat-I love how cats all have their little quirks :)

  2. What a silly kitty! So cute too!

  3. So cute :) Not a lot of cats like water.
    My Nico loves the sink but he once fell in the tub as the water was draining and he got out of there so fast!

  4. Thanks! I tried to put Brando in after Sprinkles was out to see what he'd do and he just sat there looking confused so I sat him back on the floor :) I love kitties!!!

  5. How cute!! And very silly. Doesn't she know cats are supposed to hate water? :)

  6. Oh my gosh, amazing! What an adorable kitty!